Obamacare … Love it or Hate it

The defining social, political issue of our time, perhaps of any time in American history, has been and is the passing of new health care legislation – Obamacare. It is, of course, named after the current United States President, Barack Obama and it has angered countless millions of Americans all over the country.

There is a reason for this anger that is not at all hard to understand. Beginning in the summer of 2009 (last year), as information about Obamacare and its restrictions, reductions of care and service, its stunningly high costs and its elimination of some benefits (particularly for senior citizens) became public opposition quickly developed in the form of “Tea Parties,” rallies with older folks who had never before marched or expressed anger or dismay about public policy in the past.

Their fears and concerns prompted the Tea Party Rallies and the arrogant responses from the President and from elected members of his party. That sparked even greater anger and more Tea Party Rallies. It also resulted in angry confrontations between senior citizen Tea Party Members and elected Democratic politicians who held Town Hall Meetings during the summer recess from Congress.

ObamacareMonths have passed, but the anger felt by ordinary citizens toward a government that has seemingly acted against the wishes of the electorate, the people that voted for the elected representatives who passed the unpopular law has not subsided.

The fact is, Obamacare has created a “nation divided.” There are some, the minority, who favor the law. But there are many, many more – the majority – who feel nothing but anger toward Barack Obama and the Democratic  members of Congress who turned this more than 2000 page bill into the newest and most expensive piece of legislation in American history.

The immediate effects of Obamacare are going to be increased taxes. The benefits of the plan do not kick in for several years. This, too, angers countless ordinary Americans. They are being forced to pay for a “benefit” that will not actually become a benefit for a number of years. Is there more to dislike about Obamacare?  According to people who oppose it, the answer is yes!

Young people in their 20s who rarely even think about health insurance, let alone buy it, will now be required to buy – and pay for – coverage. Failure to do so will result in a substantial annual fine or penalty. Is that fair … many people think it is not. The annual fee can be around $750.00, lots of money for a young person to pay.

Medical professionals are very unhappy with Obamacare, too. The plan, as constituted, will reduce fees for many doctors and specialists. And that has lots of doctors threatening to leave the profession. If that happens, it will create even more serious problems in the health care industry. A shortage of doctors will result in longer waits for people in need of medical care. And that can be dangerous for those who are seriously ill.

Is Obamacare the perfect solution to the health care mess in America? I guess it depends on your point of view. To people on the left, It is a dream come true. For everybody else in America … it’s a nightmare!