Healthcare Issues

Healthcare Issues in America … A very Touchy Subject

Pick up any newspaper in the United States, tune in to any television news and information talk show, access blogs all over the Internet and one subject pops up repeatedly – Healthcare Issues. It is an incendiary subject, inflaming passions on both sides of the issue.

On one side, Democratic and liberal/progressive politicians and the voters who support them clamor for Universal Health Care … coverage for every man, woman and child in the country, including illegal aliens (there are anywhere from 12  million to twenty million of these people in the United States).

Healthcare IssuesOpponents of Universal Health Care, the people who come down on the other side of all Healthcare Issues, and there are legions of these people, include virtually all members of the Republican Party, the Conservative Party, and voters who support their positions, including registered Independents.

Make no mistake … this is a lightening rod issue, one that inflames passions on both sides and one for which there is no easy answer or simple solution. People on the left say it is unfair that some Americans have no health care because it is too expensive for them to carry the necessary insurance. They want all other Americans to pay for those less fortunate through increased taxes, reduced insurance premiums and lower fees for physicians.

Their claim is that the idea they have put forward is the only fair solution. But, those on the right disagree vehemently … and there are countless millions of Americans in this group. People on the right claim that the position held by Democrats and the voters who support them is nothing more than Socialism, pure and simple.

Republicans and right-of-center voters also make the claim that “Socialized medicine” has been tried and has failed in many countries in Western Europe … is currently the process by which Canadians receive health care, when they are able to get it … and that it raises costs to such an extent that it becomes unaffordable and unsustainable.

In fact, a similar program of “Socialized medicine” is currently being tried in Massachusetts and is found to be working poorly. People have to wait for weeks and even months for simple procedures and many procedures are not covered as a way of reducing the overall costs of the state program. And yet, it is still unaffordable.

There is no doubt that Healthcare Issues are front page news stories all across America. The recently-passed health care legislation resulted in a firestorm of criticism from millions of concerned Americans and anger toward elected politicians in Washington that is almost unprecedented in American history.

There are other important issues that worry people in America today, including the economy, national defense and the wars raging in the Middle East. But, Healthcare Issues remain at or near the top of everybody’s mind for a simple reason: the decisions that politicians make will impact every citizen in two ways: financially and in the level of care he or she receives.

At this time, it remains unclear to many people which direction is best for health care. And that is why Healthcare Issues continue to top the agenda of “things that need to get done.”